Ethiopian and European Mixed-Training system

Coach Terefe offer you a tried and tested training system of Ethiopian elite runners, adapted to European conditions.
Appropriate for runners in all categories: Hobby and elite runners,beginners and Experienced runners children and adolescents, Marathon and half Marathon, track and field competition.








My training system combines the following training methods, using European and Ethiopian knowledge and experience(i gained during my stay in Europe):

  1.  Fitness Training – for a generic improvement of fitness and co-ordination
  2.  Cross Training – alternative endurance training
  3.  Hill Work-Outs – trains endurance, strength and co-ordination  
  4. Endurance Training on a Lawn Underground – Depending on individual racing goals, easy runs as well as speed runs as well as acceleration runs can be combined on a soft and natural surface.
  5.  Speed Runs/Acceleration Runs –This training system is very important to develop endurance speed and mental strength for racing. This type of  training can be realized on a soft underground or on the track (This Training system is very important to improve your speed and endurance.)  
  6. Track Training-Interval training for strength and endurance: these sessions are important for 5,000m and 10,000m runners as well as for road runners because the track allows an exact pace and trains your mental strength. Depending on individual ambitions this training can be run with spike shoe. Tempo runs and acceleration runs: This type of training can just as well be realized on the track where your pace can be measured exactly.
  7.  Diagonal Training – on the football place or grass place: sprints across the diagonal of football place and easy recovering jogs back to the starting point repetition. 
  8. Treadmill (Running Machine) – Particularly during the winter season interval training as well as tempo runs can be run on  Treadmill. This ensures an accurate and steady running pace which is not dependant on weather conditions and it challenges mental strength

 Treadmill Training is the best method” Haile Gebrselassie he runs on a treadmill five or six time per week, often his afternoon training session.


High Altitude  Training

We organized together with Haji Adilo (  high altitude training in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2600 metres above sea level), including flight tickets, hotel accommodation and transportation the training facilities. This is also a great opportunity for runners to get to know Ethiopia Land of Runners country and to meet the “King of long distance”Haile Gebrselassie as well as Super Star Kenenisa Bekele and Shooting Star Tirunesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar & many, to learn from them.

Haji Adilo is ESMI's representative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and he is the head coach of ESMI athletes there.He ran 2:12:24 in Austria for the marathon during his days competing as an athlete

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. After retiring from the sport, he became a certified coach. Over the past few years, Haji has become one of the best coaches to discover young talent in Ethiopia and develop athletes to become world class in their respective events. He has developed athletes like Dire Tune, who won the Boston Marathon and has the world record for the one hour run; Bazu Worku  who ran 2:06:15 for his debut in the marathon Paris in '09 (he is the youngest athlete ever to run this fast for the marathon), Deriba Merga, who won the '09 Boston Marathon,Teyba Erkesso, who won the '09 Houston Marathon for her debut, and Atsede Baysa, who won the '09 Paris Marathon.

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